Most Common Reasons For Loss Of Hair

There is not a single thing worse for women than hair loss. When while brushing you see all these locks falling down and cannot understand what is going on, stress is guaranteed. Obviously, there is a reason for everything what happens in our bodies and for hair loss too. Once you have noticed changes in your tresses structure or its quantity, you ought to determine the reason for it or otherwise you risk going bald.

Main Causes Of Hair Loss

Obviously, as our body renews on a daily basis, people do loss hair each day. On average we lose around 80 hairs a day. However, if it falls out in significantly larger portions than that, that is when you should take some action to figure out the root cause.

Below are some of the most frequent reasons people lose their tresses on a scale larger than is assumed to be normal one:

  • hormones imbalance: these guys do know how to show that they are imbalances. From weight gain to harsh acne problems, hormones affect so many part of our bodies and hair is not an exception. In case, you as a girl have more men hormone, your hair may begin to fall out only due to hormones imbalance;
  • stress and nerves: whatever happens in life, it is good to keep calm and not let your emotions impact your body. Stress is known to harm our well-being tremendously and it may even cause hair loss;
  • rapid and significant weight loss: if you lost more than 10% of your weight in one month, your organism will experience significant stress and it may cause tresses fall out in excess. Therefore, with anything you do it would be better to hit a happy medium;
  • lack of vitamins: in case your organism does not receive B12 in sufficient amounts,it damages the health of red blood cells carrying oxygen to your tissues and thus affects functioning of the roots causing it to fall out.

To wrap things up, losing hair is one of the least pleasant things which take place in lives of both men and women nowadays. Good thing is, when you identify the actual cause of it, you have all the chances to prevent further falling out of locks. Whether you are too stressed out or lack certain vitamins, remember that it all reflects on the way you look so be more self-loving and try to hit a happy medium in all you do.