How to take care of fine thin hair

How to take care of fine thin hair

Thin hair is very easy to calculate if you consult an expert in trichology. It is more difficult to determine the “normality” of the diameter of the hair shaft on your own. It is not what thin hair looks like that matters, but how it behaves. For example, dense strands are more rigid, while thin strands are noticeably softer and lighter. They can hardly hold a voluminous styling, have a habit of tangling and bunching during the day. It is worth to use a nourishing mask – and strands have already lost volume at the roots. read more

How to stop hair loss from stress

How to stop hair loss from stress

Everyone wants healthy, strong and shiny hair like the models from the pages of glossy magazines and advertising brochures. But reality often goes against expectations. Why does this happen and who is to blame? read more

Healthy Hair Secrets

Since ancient times people have been considering that long healthy locks is one of the main symbols of a true feminine beauty. Time flies and annual new hair trends have brought a lot of different haircuts, and even short length on women could look very feminine and soft. But healthy locks, whether it is long or extra short, is still something to be proud of.

In today’s’ realities it is not so easy to keep locks in a healthy condition, because of the pace of life and busyness. Poor ecology and different environmental problems also play a huge role here. But every girl still has her own list of products and methods that work good and make her locks better and healthier. Everyone understands that different locks structures need different care products. It is not a secret. But there are some general tips and pieces of an advice that will work for every hair the same way. Such methods and products are just simple life rules, but unfortunately a huge amount of women usually forget about them.


Scientists have found that poor hair condition directly affects women’s mood. Hair loss and hair damages are able even to set off doldrums and depression. That is the reason why women always try to make their locks look better by using different hyped expensive products, various cosmetics etc. Because they believe in a colorful deceptive advertising, that promises to heal even highly damaged locks in just several usages. Such products are neither more nor less than just a marketing ploy that is created to earn money, not to help with such problems.

In the list below there are simple rules to follow to keep hair healthy and beautiful.

  • Time to wash. Do not use too cold or too hot water, it should be nice and warm. Too hot water rinses off all the useful protective oils, that are very important for the locks. While washing it will be good to massage the scalp. It will make the hair grow faster, because of the better blood flow to the hair follicles.
  • Sunscreen and frost protection. It is very important to be careful with the locks in the summer and winter time. Hot sun rays and a frosty wind make hair porous and damaged. It is necessary to hide hair and to wear hats and caps.
  • Forget about diets. A healthy food routine is not only the key to healthy hair, but also to a healthy body as well. Proteins, lean fats and starches should be in a proper balance in everyday meals. Different nuts and red salmon are the best products to keep the locks healthy.
  • Proper care routine. Everyone should use a shampoo or a mask focused on certain hair problems they have, to reach a result.  
  • Be careful with styling. Styling products and blow dryers are very harmful for hair structure. So it will be better not to use them at all, or to use only in special situations, but not every day.

Hair care routine is very challenging. But when someone wants to have beautiful healthy locks, it is very important to follow all the rules, because the result is worth it.

How To Keep Hair In A Perfect Condition?

A head full of thick and silken strands as in different advertisements is a dream of every girl in the world. Beautiful hair is really something to be proud of. But there should be an appropriate permanent care routine to maintain it in a perfect condition all the time. Firstly, beautiful strands are a result of eating healthy food and following healthy style of life. The whole body gets special useful stuff with food and later distributes everything to nails, hair, skin and so on. To make the strands shine bright like a diamond there should be vitamins A, C, D and group of B vitamins, and also iron and zinc in the daily diet.

There are too many things that prevent women from having healthy strands. Bad habits damage the whole body and hair, nails and skin as well. Toxic water, blow dryers, styling products and stylers, combing and so on are the main enemies of women’s beauty. This is the reason, why it is necessary to follow all the rules in the list below, or at least try to.


Today, there is a huge amount of different products and treatment sessions, but there are also some popular common recipes including natural products for hair beauty. So, there are 2 variants how to keep strands in a healthy condition: professional treatment and granny’s recipes. And both of them are very popular. The choice depends just on the own liking. But making a choice just between these two treatment kinds is not all you need to have a beautiful hair.

Here are also some useful rules:  

  • Washing astrands only in soft and clean water.
  • Instead of rubbing hair with a towel after washing, pat dry it gently. It helps to prevent damages. Do not keep wet strands in a towel just after washing for a long time.
  • Going to bed with wet hair or without washing off all the styling products is forbidden.
  • Using special care products that are created to solve specific hair problems.
  • Try to avoid blow dryers and stylers and let the strands dry in the air. When it is impossible, use special heat protection to reduce a harmful effect.
  • Head massage is a wonderful way to combine both something useful and something pleasant. It helps to relax in the evening after a hard working day, and also makes the blood flow better, that help hair grow faster.

So, every girl should have her own secrets of healthy good-looking hair, but there are some common tips for everyone. Having beautiful healthy strands is a hard work, that needs a lot of responsibility and persistence. Following all the rules above will make any hair look amazing and as something to be proud of.