How to take care of fine thin hair

How to take care of fine thin hair

Thin hair is very easy to calculate if you consult an expert in trichology. It is more difficult to determine the “normality” of the diameter of the hair shaft on your own. It is not what thin hair looks like that matters, but how it behaves. For example, dense strands are more rigid, while thin strands are noticeably softer and lighter. They can hardly hold a voluminous styling, have a habit of tangling and bunching during the day. It is worth to use a nourishing mask – and strands have already lost volume at the roots. read more

Tips On Getting That Healthy Shiny Hair

Every girl knows the struggle of achieving stunning hairstyle. Obviously, there are many days when things simply work out good from the very beginning of styling. However, more often just the opposite happens as hair becomes too dry and hard to tame. To overcome these styling hardships, one should consider changing the hair routine so that it perfectly suits your head and prepares tresses for further styling.

Usually, everything from washing to brushing impacts how easy it will be to style that hair and how good it will look in the end. However, not only routine impacts the way it looks but also your daily habits in terms of eating, sleeping and leading an active lifestyle. All these issues come together and reflect on the way our locks comes down the shoulders. And if you want it to shine and be healthy, feel free to use our tips and tricks from below.


When it comes to hair treatment, many people start to act when they experience significant hair loss. This is considered to be more than 100-150 strands per day. However, it is obviously better to prevent the fire instead of constantly extinguishing it. Therefore, you are the one responsible for the well-being of your tresses and thus have to ensure you follow the right routine.

Here are our top suggestions on how to properly take care of your hair to maintain its health and beauty:

  • restrain overwashing tendency: obviously, clean hair looks more voluminous and thus gorgeous. However, if you wash it more often than 2-3 times a week it seems it will get greasy more often. Moreover, some vital oils and ferments are washed away and you risk to overdry your tresses;
  • comb the hair upwards: for tangles to be smoothly removed and not torn out, it is generally better to start at the ends and move upwards. However, if your hair is pretty short, it doesn’t really matter;
  • choose proper nourishment: nowadays, we cannot perfectly control our eating habits and not always get the sufficient amount of all vitamins per day. Therefore, for hair to look better, would be better to give it some extra nourishment;
  • use conditioner after each washing: while masks account for deep nourishment and repair, conditioners give that smooth feel of tresses after washing and fulfill the damaged stretches of it;
  • do not tie tresses too tight: to prevent structure damages, it is advisable to use TLCs instead of regular bands as these ensure relaxed hairstyle.

To wrap things up, for your hair to look ultimately good and well-groomed, you have to take proper care of it as well as of your general health. It all starts with food and nourishment and ends up with appropriate washing and drying. read more

Common Reasons For Your Hair To Look Bad

If your hair does not look gorgeous every second of your life, welcome to the club. The thing is, this is totally normal as we all are humans and are not perfect. However, in some cases it is important not to let hair become too badly treated so that it resembles a shaggy mess. Not to let this happen we will look at some of the most common reasons for our hair looking thin and not shiny.


When looking at all these Hollywood stars, we definitely begin dreaming about looking that good in our daily lives. The truth is it takes much effort and time, so if you want it, be ready to sacrifice these two important assets. However, those who do not aspire to reach the Hollywood level, ought to simply take proper care of their hair and find a few suiting hairstyles for any weather and occasion.  

Here are some of the reasons why we sometimes cannot achieve that ultimate classy hairstyle we wish to:

  • excessive usage of heat tools: girls with extremely curly hair and those who hate their straight and sleek hair do know the struggle. Usage of different heat tools like curlers and straightening irons damage structure of tresses significantly when used on a daily basis;
  • overwashing: clean hair always looks better untied and helps us gain that confidence. However, if you keep washing it every day, it gets overdried and lacks the natural oils which are produced in roots and take time to disseminate throughout the whole length;
  • avoiding regular trims: girls aspiring to grow their hair really long often neglect regula hairdresser’s visits. Unfortunately, if growing long and healthy hair was so easy, everyone would have had it already. It appears, though, that regular trims actually happen your locks grow long and shiny;
  • often blow-dry close to the roots or tresses: in all of the blow-dryer usage guides the recommended distance to the tresses shall not be less than  5–6 inches. However, many do neglect this rule and continue to overdry their tresses thus damaging them;
  • rough towel drying: apart from improper blow-drying, many people tend to rub their tresses too rough with towel. The fact is this is so bad for your tresses and makes them look frizzy in the end.

To sum it up, quite a few things which influence the way your hair looks. They include but are not limited to poor food, frequent usage of heat tools and frequent washing as well as wrong drying. In case you have never thought of these issues as such which cause your hair to look shaggy, make sure to incorporate them into your updated routine. read more